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Joevannah. 16. Norcal. Filipino/Spanish. Single.
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Anybody, anon or not :)

Anonymous said: How are you?:)

Good, you? :)

Anonymous said: you're really pretty.



all these girls complain how they want a guy to show their girl off everywhere they go, sing to them at random moments, act retarded with them, play with your hair, commit 200% to you, gaze at stars on a hill, and be their mr. perfect.. but you know what? he doesn’t exist. so stop complaining and be happy. you’re not perfect either, so don’t expect to find someone that is. every guy is amazing in their own way, whether you take the time to notice it .. is on you. when you fall in love with someone is when you’ll really see how perfect they are for you. not because he has the best body, or most amazing smile, but because he takes every moment he can to spend with you and treat you like a princess. but if you’re looking for the prince charming in fairytales, keep wishing for fairies to grant that. cause it doesn’t exist in every guy you talk to. it’s in every guy you take the time to love.

I try so hard to make sure that nobody at school finds out about my tumblr..

Anonymous said: hi :)

Lol, hi :)

I’ll lose interest if you show none.
I don’t need you to make me happy. I need myself.

so fuck you and your mixed signals, when someone who actually cares comes along and we’re happy, i hope you’re miserable. 

just take deep breaths and forget about your problems for a few seconds.

My aunt and me
I know I’m small, lol

My aunt and me

I know I’m small, lol